Organizing Your Storage Unit To Save You Headaches In The Future

Posted on: 31 March 2015

If you are going to need a storage unit during a move or downsize, how you organize your storage space can make a huge difference. What you will be storing will determine how you should pack your things. Here are four tips for organizing your storage unit.

1. Pack Ahead of Time

It can be hard to know what size storage unit you need if you haven't sized up your stuff. There is no reason to get an extra-large unit if you don't have as much to store as you thought. On the other hand, you don't want to run the risk of renting out a space that is too cramped and cannot accommodate your items.

2. Plan for Accessibility

If there are things in your storage unit that you know you will need to access at some point, or boxes during a move that you will retrieve first, remember to pack these in the unit last. You shouldn't have to move everything around just to find the one thing you need in the back corner of your unit. Proper labeling and a little extra care when filling your storage unit will go a long way.

3. Leave Space to Move

It may seem efficient to pack your unit to the brim in order to save money. If you will be accessing your storage unit here and there, this will only cause you frustration. Make sure to rent a space that allows you access to actually step into the unit and pull boxes and items. The more items that you can access right away, the easier locating what you need will be.

4. Remember to be Safe

Make sure that you are storing heavy items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items on top. If you cram everything in haphazardly and lock the unit, you aren't going to remember in a month's time that you crammed a lamp in last minute that can fall on you when you open your unit. Try to pack methodically and thoughtfully to make sure that your items aren't damaged and you don't get hurt.

Storage units like American Storage can be really handy during a move or transition. If you are going to rent a storage unit for a short or long period of time, it is worth it to plan out how you will organize this. You are paying for your storage unit, so be sure to use the space to efficiently store your items in a way that is functional and safe.


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