Your Guide To Storing Items That Belong To Your Children

Posted on: 31 March 2015

Between birth and childhood, you and your children can accumulate quite the collection of items that you do not necessarily need, but want to hang on to. You could keep the clutter around in your home taking up space, but it is a much better idea to find a good self storage facility where you can tuck away the items and keep them safe. Even though storing your children's things is a good idea, you will have to take care to make sure the items you store are preserved while they are in storage. There are three things that need specialized attention before you haul them away to the storage facility.

Children's Battery Operated Toys

There is no doubt that you and your kids have special toys that you do not want to let go and will be better placed in storage. However, if you do not take the extra time to remove the batteries from these toys before putting them away, they can get ruined. The acid in the batteries will start to seep out of the protective coating after they have expired, which will cause corrosion. This corrosive material will damage the toy itself and any others that come in contact with the acid.

Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

That first bear at the hospital when your child was born or the favorite stuffed bunny they slept with are sure to be prized possessions that bring back a lot of memories. If you choose to place these in storage, there is no doubt you will want them to be safe. Stuffed animals can attract moths and other pests. So be sure you place the plush animals in a sealed plastic tote or container instead of stuffing them in a cardboard box or trash bag.

Baby Clothing and Bedding

All of those cute outfits you want to save will be vulnerable to damage if even the slightest amount of moisture gets into the fiber of the materials. Even high humidity can cause some delicate fabrics to deteriorate. It is best to seal these items in space-saving bags before storage because they are completely air tight. The clothing or bedding will come out looking like it was when you put it in storage.

The precious items that your children have hanging around are sure to be items you want to keep for many years. Self storage is an incredible way to keep these items around without cluttering your home. Just be sure you take the appropriate measures beforehand to keep the items safe and sound. To learn more about how you can properly store your items, contact Colfax West Self Storage


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