Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations In A Storage Facility

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Every year, Christmas decorations start to pop up before the Thanksgiving dishes are done soaking. For many, Christmas is magical and when it comes to stringing lights and bringing a towering tree into their house, the sooner the better. But the decorating process isn't always easy. Strings of lights get tangled or don't work. Those salt dough ornaments with precious baby hand-prints can become meals for insects. Sometimes, an unnoticed leak from the winter melt could ruin pretty wrapping paper or Christmas linens.

Luckily, there's a better way to store your Christmas decorations than just shoving them in the basement for another year. With some planning, your decorations will remain protected all year and decorating at holiday time will be a snap:

Storage Facilities

Before packing away your Christmas decorations, think about putting them in a storage facility. You can rent a small unit that will be perfect for your collection. By doing so, you'll protect your decor from water and insects. It will also be protected from the temperature fluctuations from an unheated basement, which can hurt your most delicate decorations. If you follow a few packing ideas, unpacking your decorations will be simple and your home will be twinkling with Christmas magic before you know it. 

  • Before you pack away your lights, treat them with extra care. If any bulbs burned out during the holiday season, replace them. Reuse gift boxes by winding lights around them. If you have an outdoor display that rivals the Griswolds', label each string so you'll know where to put it next year. 
  • Maybe it just isn't Christmas without a gingerbread house or your heirloom Santa collection. Put the items that put you in the holiday spirit in an open-first box. Put it near the front of your storage unit so that when the urge to decorate hits, you can easily find it instead of digging through endless boxes in a process sure to dampen your Christmas spirit. 
  • Categorize your holiday decor and keep like items together. Designate one box for your linens, another for your holiday dishes and another for your Christmas village. By doing so, you'll never have to search for that missing napkin or your favorite cottage in your Christmas village. 
  • If you have little ones who enjoy decorating the Christmas tree, but you get panicky over the thought of an accidentally dropped glass ornament, make a box for your kids. Fill it with all the ornaments they can't hurt like metal ones, stuffed ones and plastic ones. Hand it to them when it's time to decorate and they'll love getting into the ornaments with no help from the adults.

These tips will make for a fun and efficient decorating experience at Christmas. To learn more, contact a company like Island Movers with any questions or concerns you have.


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