Packing Up Childhood Possessions - How To Keep These Safe

Posted on: 29 May 2015

If your parents are moving out of your childhood home, they might ask to you to come and take items that are important to you. This can be a tough task to do because it can carry emotional ties with it. You'll want to keep childhood possessions that you once cherished safe, but packing up and deciding what to do with this items can be daunting. Here are four things to do if you are tasked to pack up and store your childhood memories.

1. Get Over the Denial that Your Parents are Moving

If your parents are moving, don't be stubborn about this. Make sure to do your part and help your parents with packing. Thoughtfully go through your things and take what is important even if you are upset. You don't want to regret ignoring the process and have things important to you be thrown out. Packing up and storing items now is better than losing them forever.

2. Take the Time to Review and Pack up Items

If you are an overly efficient cleaner or packer, you might be the type to throw away now and say sorry later. Really take some time to remember what childhood items or family heirlooms are important to you. Pack up and store these in a personal storage unit for your future children or as keepsakes from your life.

3. Find a Good Way to Store Your Items

You might have family heirlooms and childhood possessions that you choose to keep but don't fit into your home or lifestyle at the moment. You don't need to choose just because of space constraints. This is a great time to take advantage of a personal storage facility until you need your family possessions in the future.

4. Don't Make Decisions You Aren't Ready For

If you aren't ready to get rid of sentimental items, you don't have to right away. You might not be at a point in your life where you can decide what you want to hold on to. You can store these items in a personal storage facility like Foothills Storage until you have a little time to thoughtfully go through your items.

If your parents are moving to a smaller home more suited to their lives, they might ask you to come and take inventory of your things. Stand up to the task and make sure that your childhood memories are stored safely and intact. If you aren't sure what to do with things now, it is better to store these than flippantly get rid of memories that you will miss in the future.


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