Move-In Day Tips: Advice For Renting A Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 18 June 2015

Move-in day at your storage unit doesn't have to be stressful. Having a game plan for how you're going to load the storage unit and how it will be organized will help the process go quickly and smoothly. These tips will help you in the process. 

Get Furniture Dollies

Dollies and carts are helpful to reach storage units that aren't easily accessed from the storage facility's driveway. If your storage unit is on the second floor of the building, or if it's located in the building's interior, make sure that you have access to a dolly on the day you load the unit. Your storage facility may provide furniture dollies either to borrow or rent. Ask a representative from your storage facility about dollies, furniture carts and other items. Find out their policies and have the money on hand for a deposit if one is required. 

Load Lesser-Used Items First

Items in the back of your storage unit will quickly become inaccessible once your unit fills with boxes. To avoid problems, store the lesser used items at the back of the unit, and store items that you use regularly (example: holiday items) in the front where you can easily get to them. To make loading your unit as easy as possible, load all items into your moving truck in the reverse order that they will appear in the storage unit. Items to be placed at the front of the storage unit should be put into the back of the moving truck. Items that belong at the back of the storage unit should get loaded into the truck last, so they'll be the first boxes you see when you open the vehicle doors.

Use Shelves to Manage Frequently Used Boxes

If you use all the items in your storage unit on a regular basis, put the boxes on sturdy shelves. This will make the boxes easy to access without taking down and reassembling tall stacks of boxes each time. 

Place Heavy Items on Bottom

The best order of boxes in a stack goes like this: heavier, larger boxes go on bottom. Lighter, smaller boxes go on top. If you should be forced to deal with several large light boxes and several small heavy boxes, put them together in their own stack. 

Make Aisles Between Boxes

Position the boxes so that there are aisles between stacks. This will ensure that you can reach the boxes at the back of the unit without taking out everything at the front. 

For more tips, speak with a customer service representative from your self storage unit. He or she may have tips about getting to your unit on move-in day, and which days are best for loading a new unit.  


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