Want To Live Downtown? 4 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Storage Unit

Posted on: 8 February 2016

If you want to live in a lively place, downtown is usually your best bet. However, you are more likely to find apartment complexes and brownstones in these areas, and large units are not that common. Living downtown is easier when you are willing to sacrifice space, but you may not want to get rid of so many possessions. The best solution is to rent a storage unit from a company like Controlled Storage Systems that you can use throughout your lease.

Open Yourself Up to Studio Apartments

Although you may want to live in a one or two-bedroom apartment, this severely limits your options. A storage unit will give you plenty of storage space for comfortably fitting into a studio apartment.

Avoid Living in a Cluttered Home

Trying to fit all of your belongings into a studio is only going to make for a cluttered home. Also, with so much clutter, you are less likely to actually enjoy living downtown. Clutter is not just a space problem, it is something that clogs your brain and prevents you from thinking straight or being happy.

Enjoy Minimal Competition

When you are willing to live in a small apartment, you will minimize your competition. Downtown areas are limited on space, so you will have to compete with many others to land an apartment lease.

Save Money in Multiple Ways

Living downtown may seem like an expensive decision, but it does not have to be that way. First off, looking at studios will help you pay less for rent, which is a huge part of your monthly costs. This type of lifestyle also provides you with plenty of nearby attractions, so you can get away with less driving.

By looking at small studios that most people will try to avoid, you can gain control of negotiations. The number one rule when it comes to negotiations is being okay with walking away. Aside from that, you can increase your chances of lowering your rent with methods such as showcasing a great rental history, showing up with a landlord reference letter, or demonstrating that you are willing to look elsewhere.

In the end, landlords want to rent out their properties as quickly as they can, but they also want to get high-quality tenants. It is important to use this information to your advantage.

Renting a storage unit provides you with an opportunity to live downtown, in a small apartment, and without feeling the need to sell or donate any of your possessions.


Tips For Moving

When my employer was purchased by another company, I wondered what it meant for my job. Although I was nervous about being let go, I quickly discovered that I was one of their best people. After talking with my new boss, they explained that they needed me to travel around for work to train new departments. Because I didn't have a family, I was the best employee for the job. Unfortunately, the company branches were in worse shape than my employer originally suspected. A two-week business trip quickly turned into six months, and I realized that it might be smarter to move to new areas instead. I have moved 16 times now, and I know what it takes to get the job done.