4 Ways Professional Movers Pack Your Things And Enhance Your Experience When Relocating

Posted on: 30 November 2022

Many people tend to accumulate clothing throughout their lifetime. As you welcome more family members over the years, the wardrobe content tends to expand. Surprisingly, clothes, shoes, and gear are some of the last things you pack when relocating, yet they require care and attention to avoid damage. So, how do you pack your wardrobe properly ahead of a move? Below are ways professional moving services make wardrobe packing more efficient. 

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

One of the first steps to take when packing a wardrobe is decluttering. There's no point in carrying clothes and shoes you no longer wear. There are high chances you have clothes that are worn out, or you've outgrown. This would be a great time to discard or donate them. Your moving company might advise you to check every closet and determine what to get rid of. Take the time to declutter before the moving date so you can pack the remaining clothes and shoes properly.

2. Assemble Packing Supplies

The moving company may provide necessary packing supplies depending on what's left after decluttering. You might need suitcases, cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, and compression bags. This would be a great time to pack essential clothes in a duffel bag, especially if you have a long-distance move.

Pack clothes to use for the first few days before you settle in your new abode. The movers will help you determine what clothes should go into different boxes. For instance, suitcases are excellent for packing folded clothes, while cardboard boxes hold shoes properly.

3. Pack Hanging and Folded Clothes

Some clothes, such as gowns and suits, get creased quickly and may need to be transported without folding. Here's where wardrobe boxes, drawstring trash bags, and garment bags come in. You can pack hanging clothes easily using these methods. 

Movers recommend folding clothes such as jeans and sweaters in suitcases and boxes to save space. They may flat fold or roll the garments to make them fit in tiny compartments of the available suitcases and boxes. Heavier items such as winter gear, pillows, duvets, and comforters might need compressor bags. Fortunately, you can always trust the movers to use every available packing space and materials.

4. Move the Dresser As-Is

You don't have to empty your dresser. Movers recommend packing items such as socks and inner garments in dressers. They'll also tightly pack the dresser to use all the space available. The movers might add your towels and clean sheets into the drawer. This may save you from spending a lot on packing supplies.

Although moving can be stressful, proper planning and hiring professional help go a long way to making the entire process easier. Your clothes don't have to get mixed up or damaged during the relocation. Therefore, pay attention to these tips to make your move a breeze.

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